Sunset Overdrive


My son has mentioned this game which I know absolutely nothing about.  He is 12 yrs old and I believe it has a ‘Mature’ rating.

Can anyone give me any insight into this. I watched a stream quickly this morning and it was just a guy who seemed to do a lot of free running, jumping, spinning  changing guns and blowing shit up. I didn’t hear any strong language but I guess there’s a reason for the rating.

Launch date and no wipe?



So we are one week from launch and today it was confirmed on the Frontier forums that  those who gained early access would not have anything wiped come launch.

I do not agree with this and feel that for the people who are starting the game on launch day they will be at a huge disadvantage.

Of course the counter argument is well what about all the players who have worked hard to gain credits, complete missions and worked their way up to the larger ships? Most people I have spoken to were expecting a full wipe, I was expecting a full wipe as this mean’t everyone started off on a level pegging.

OK I purposely haven’t played it much (because I thought there would be a full wipe) so I can hear some of you saying well you don’t have much to lose whereas others have spent hours grinding away and why should they lose all that hard work. My answer is just 1 small simple word


That’s what it is. OK it’s now at Gamma but launch day is launch day. How would players feel if say a COD or Battlefield game at release had 100’s of players already at top level because they helped ‘test’ it. I just cannot justify this decision and see no logical reason for it.

I’ve read the forums and a vast majority are, as expected extremely happy with this decision and I have absolutely no issue with that whatsoever. We all play games differently and if you fall into that category then I wish you all the best, I certainly won’t be saying anything untoward to that but for me…I want to feel like it’s launch day and not just me logging in and carrying on as I have been.

With that in mind I have decided that come launch I will complete a self wipe and start again.

See you in space Commanders ;)

Update moving forward

As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve decided to move my gaming posts back to here, which is a gaming only related blog. So that said I thought it right to update you all on what’s be going on, where I’m at and what the future holds in respect of my gaming.


Firstly and most importantly I have yet again made a switch in respect of the streaming site I use. I won’t go into all the details as you can read it here but Hitbox is where I will be staying – for good!!!!



I’m very excited with this move as I’ve been thinking ‘what’s best for me’ so now that decision has been made – for me its done and I can now look to set myself up and become a streamer people want to visit on a regular basis.


Meh – me and YouTube just where do I start. Yes I have a full partnership through Fullscreen but currently I just don’t have the motivation for it. Commentaries are dead in my opinion – no one wants them as they have been flogged to death and can be very time consuming with the editing etc. All I can offer is the odd clip from a live stream but again I’m restricted if I happen to be playing music – that will go against my agreement with both Fullscreen and YouTube so that’s a none starter.

In reality, unless I can come up with something fresh, new and exciting (which won’t happen) I think the channel will just sit there which is a real shame.


I recently hit 50 likes on my Facebook page so a big thank you to everyone who has liked the page. You can visit my page (plus all other social media) via the various links on this site so if you are on FB please do take the time to head over and give me a like – I would be eternally grateful.


I’m still on Twitter so again you can find me on there via the links on here. I will always post a  link when I go live so make sure you follow if you want to pop onto the stream and say Hi.


The games I am currently looking to play will be Elite: Dangerous, thereafter Diablo III (if my hand can cope – another post for sometime) then maybe Minecraft, Banished, Life is Feudal and possibly Skyrim. Yes I also play World of Warcraft but as that is saturated I’m not sure if I’ll stream that and it may just be my ‘chill out’ game off screen.

So there’s a very brief update and hopefully this site will get back to where it once was

Onwards & upwards as they say!!!!


Yet another change

Again – it’s been a while since I posted on here because I decided to create a new blog to cover personal, gaming, news etc but the reality is that blog is fast becoming a site whereby I post gaming updates. With that in mind I’ve decided to resurrect this site and keep my other site purely for personal posts.

I will be copying over the last few ‘gaming’ related posts from that blog so I do apologise to anyone who will see a duplication.

Stream Update

Afternoon everyone,

Well it’s all change again in respect of my stream. Since I got ‘back into gaming’ I have been streaming over on Hitbox and to be honest with you the service that they provide is very good. It’s still in BETA and I’m sure it will move forward and become even better, however……

I am finding that for myself, Hitbox is becoming a site whereby streamers follow each other and apart from that people don’t visit. I’m not looking to have 1000’s of followers/subscribers but it has become apparent that as some larger streamers move from Twitch to Hitbox, they bring a % of viewers with them. These viewers will watch a stream of their favourite broadcaster but rather than review what other broadcasters offer on Hitbox, they log straight out and head back to Twitch.

I stream because I love the viewer interaction. I stream because I like to chill out with like minded people who love gaming and wanna just hang out. My streams will never be intense or heavy and yes I want my stream to grow but that is only as with growth will I hope come even more interaction. Let’s be honest I feel I’ve made some great friends via my gaming and yes whilst they are only ‘internet friends’ I have met some great people, to the point where I have met some in real life.

I feel that Twitch will give me more exposure and the potential to meet even more great people and will have to accept that the delay is part and parcel of using Twitch as my streaming site.

So…..from today I have decided to switch back to Twitch.

I also have some exciting news and this something that regulars to my stream will enjoy. I will be introducing Dvo Coins soon which will be a currency you earn when I stream or even when I’m offline.  The more you are tuned into my channel, the more you earn. These coins can then be put towards giveaways, raffles or to just gamble with other viewers but more details on that will follow once I have it all set up.

In case some of you don’t have it…here’s the link to my twitch channel here (I’ll be updating my social media when time allows) and I hope to see you all there real soon!!