RaidCall – Resurrected

My Teamspeak 3 server is due to expire very shortly and I have been looking at stats and seeing if the outlay is really worth it. The short answer is no, it’s not worth the outlay.

Yes I can reduce the slots down which will in turn reduce the cost but like most people I need to tighten up on what I pay out and realistically I just don’t see the value in it.

With that in mind I have decided to resurrect my old RaidCall channel so that’s now live with immediate effect.

You can download RaidCall here

Once you have it downloaded you can join for my channel by searching for either Dvotee or the channel I.D. No 6611569

Please note that I do run it as a members only so you will have to apply to join. Once accepted you will be able to move freely between the various rooms.

Stream Restructure

I am always open to viewer input and ways to improve my stream and of late a couple of things have been pointed out to me which I feel require addressing, hence this post.

Shout Outs

I have received a number of messages from viewers  saying that they feel I do too many shout outs and the promotion of other streams. Those of you that have known me for a while will understand why I do it…that’s just me and I am always trying to help other people, be it at work, in my private life or when streaming but I take on board what you are saying.  I am also aware that some viewers have left my stream to check out the guys I give shout outs for which whilst is what I want for you, it retracts from my stream and what I am trying to do. I have decided that I will re-word  the welcomes that VIKI does and they will become more general and maybe even drop the background music. I will also reduce the amount of shout outs I do. As one person said. You need to concentrate on you and not others. Let them worry about them. Maybe harsh but some truth in it.

DVO Coins

As you know the Dvos are there to reward loyalty and to enable people to purchase raffle tickets for give-aways or whatever else I plan moving forward. It has been pointed out to me that winning 700 Dvos for a race is a huge amount to win. With the give-away I have currently set at 500 per ticket, you can see someone can join, win a race on the said day and take the prize. This is not rewarding the way I want it to so I will be reducing the maximum amount you can bet each race down to 25 coins. This ‘should’  equate to a win payout of 175 coins. Top 2 & Top 3 will reduce down accordingly.

Likewise, I will be reducing the Bank Heist down to 25 coins maximum bet.


Another important factor is when I do a verbal give-away. Currently I play a song (usually) and ask for the name of the band or something related to that song. Depending on your download, some people will see/hear the question/song before other users, to the point some have answered the question before others have even heard it. We also have to factor in the delay we all have to suffer with twitch.

Immediately, this format will change to enable everyone the opportunity to answer. When I offer free Dvos it will now be via a keyword raffle. I will choose the keyword and viewers will enter that word into chat. After 3 minutes (30 second delay + 2.5 minutes to enter) the draw will close and a random winner will be selected. Again…I will be reducing the number down I offer each time.

To finish up…I will not be taking away any coins already earned. My stream has of late been getting busier and I need to ensure that the main purpose of the bot I use is valid and stands true to what I want. Offering a huge amount of Dvos does not give back (from my point of view) what I installed it for in the first place and this decision is best being made now with the hope my stream continues to grow.

I want my viewers to come and visit my stream and have a great time. I want them to earn coins to gamble and put towards give-aways but I have to make sure when I do a giveaway only those who are entitled to enter, can do so. Those coins need to have a worth and not be so easily obtainable to the point they are worthless.

To compensate everyone for this change…I will tonight as soon as I fire up the bot give everyone who has visited my stream to date 500 Dvos. This means each and everyone of you who has visited my stream before I go live tonight will have the opportunity to enter the giveaway Friday night…You will all have the opportunity to purchase at least one ticket (unless you gamble them away of course)

Hope to see you soon – peace!

Ohhhhhh arrrrrrrrrr

Yep , you read that correct. I’ve become a farmer…

Farming-Simulator-15-01I did buy Farm Sim 13 but having played it for about 10 mins put it down and never picked it up again but it’s a sim that has always intrigued me. So I picked this up and have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

So far I have only played and started a career (my current map will only be played on when I’m streaming) but the long term aim will be to start a MP map as well and have other farmers join me…. (nothing better than after a hard days work heading off to a barn, cider in hand and doesy do-ing to a tune being played on a fiddle and accordian is there) so ladies of Bjornholm – be aware we will looking for a date ha!!!

There’s lot’s to learn and really looking forward to seeing how I progress and if can actually remember which field I’ve seeded (or not) It’s busy already and I’ve not even got into it yet.

If you want to see me stream Farm Sim (which wont be every night) you can do so on


Sunset Overdrive


My son has mentioned this game which I know absolutely nothing about.  He is 12 yrs old and I believe it has a ‘Mature’ rating.

Can anyone give me any insight into this. I watched a stream quickly this morning and it was just a guy who seemed to do a lot of free running, jumping, spinning  changing guns and blowing shit up. I didn’t hear any strong language but I guess there’s a reason for the rating.