Stream Update

Afternoon everyone,

Well it’s all change again in respect of my stream. Since I got ‘back into gaming’ I have been streaming over on Hitbox and to be honest with you the service that they provide is very good. It’s still in BETA and I’m sure it will move forward and become even better, however……

I am finding that for myself, Hitbox is becoming a site whereby streamers follow each other and apart from that people don’t visit. I’m not looking to have 1000’s of followers/subscribers but it has become apparent that as some larger streamers move from Twitch to Hitbox, they bring a % of viewers with them. These viewers will watch a stream of their favourite broadcaster but rather than review what other broadcasters offer on Hitbox, they log straight out and head back to Twitch.

I stream because I love the viewer interaction. I stream because I like to chill out with like minded people who love gaming and wanna just hang out. My streams will never be intense or heavy and yes I want my stream to grow but that is only as with growth will I hope come even more interaction. Let’s be honest I feel I’ve made some great friends via my gaming and yes whilst they are only ‘internet friends’ I have met some great people, to the point where I have met some in real life.

I feel that Twitch will give me more exposure and the potential to meet even more great people and will have to accept that the delay is part and parcel of using Twitch as my streaming site.

So…..from today I have decided to switch back to Twitch.

I also have some exciting news and this something that regulars to my stream will enjoy. I will be introducing Dvo Coins soon which will be a currency you earn when I stream or even when I’m offline.  The more you are tuned into my channel, the more you earn. These coins can then be put towards giveaways, raffles or to just gamble with other viewers but more details on that will follow once I have it all set up.

In case some of you don’t have it…here’s the link to my twitch channel here (I’ll be updating my social media when time allows) and I hope to see you all there real soon!!

Youtube & matched content

A couple of things I want to write about here, the first one being I am still awaiting confirmation from Audio Micro & Fullscreen that part 4 of my Lets Play Banished which still has ‘matched third-party content against it’ has been resolved. As a partner I have the right to use this royalty free and no match/strike recorded against it.



(note I have erased part of the title – don’t want any spoilers haha)

I raised a ticket with both Fullscreen and Audio Micro on Saturday, we are now on Thursday and it’s still not resolved. I have the video uploaded (on Sat) and I told them it was private and now suddenly they come back and tell me that I need to change the settings which has now been done.

Hopefully it will be resolved ASAP and I can make it public.

Also, for any of you out there who do upload gaming videos to youtube I have discovered a wiki for those of you who aim to monetize either via youtube direct or via a 3rd party provider. It’s not an extensive list and is aimed more at the Lets Play creators and I’m sure more will be added but it certainly helps with some of the games out there.


Lets play wiki

You can check out the Lets Play Friendly wiki here



My first ‘lets play’ – Banished

I’ve started my very first Lets Play series and its on the game Banished.

My main issue is going to be time management. So far I have recorded the first 2 episodes but with real life, family, kids, work etc it’s going to be difficult finding the time to record them. The editing is not so much of an issue but getting the comm’s done is my big worry.

This is a brilliant game and for those of you who like this genre it’s a must have. I won’t go into too much detail as that defeats the whole object of this post so please do check the video out and leave your comments on what you think about this game.

Keeping up to date with Social Media

Social media has its good points & bad, most of which we are all familiar with and this post is nothing to do with what’s good about that particular site and what’s bad about another.

Oh no this post is about spamming!

Oh I can hear you know ‘WTF is he on about?’ well let me explain.

Social Media

I am back uploading video’s to youtube and of course I stream but let’s look at the youtube situ. After uploading a video my subscribers will, if they have the setting turned on receive an email to let them know that I have done so. As it’s youtube it also shares the video on Google+

I then move over to Twitter and tweet my followers the link for the video and say ‘hey…go check out my latest video.’ Hang on I have followers in the USA, Australia etc maybe they missed my original tweet so I’ll tweet it again maybe once, maybe twice to try and cover different time zones.


Next up is Facebook. Well hold on minute I have both a Facebook fan page for Dvotee and also my private one. My first port of call is my fan page where again I upload the link and ask, no wait maybe not ask…hell I tell them go watch this video and watch it now!!!!! ;) A while later I’ll share that post on my main Facebook page for all my private, non gaming friends/followers to see in the hope that they may per chance click it and watch it. Bear in mind I do have gaming friends who I follow on my main FB page and they follow me back.


Finally…….I make a post on here about the video, embed the video with the hope that someone on WordPress, apart from my followers may see it…..

and there’s where my issue ladies & gentlemen. I have both friends and gaming friends who follow me on all of my social media ; ie  google+, twitter, facebook, facebook fan page, this blog here. In particular, the people that follow me through gaming also follow the same people I do (OK not exclusively but we share a lot of them in common) and maybe 1 or 2 of them will retweet, forward, share that post so they can be seeing it from various sources.

Do you see where I’m going with this. Can I as an individual that shares my content via all the social media that I have at my disposal (or want to use) be deemed as spamming and is there a point whereby someone just has enough of seeing the same stuff no matter what site they use?

Will it cost me followers hell even friends? Do people start to ignore your content as it’s like ‘there’s another video from Dvo – no point in watching that as I watched one last week’

Can there be too much exposure and is it getting to the point where I’m really starting to piss people off?

I would be very interested to hear peoples thoughts on this…particularly those that follow me on multiple social media sites and is this constant barrage of links etc putting you off either watching the video, interacting with me or pushing you to the point where you feel you have to unfollow, unsub and just forget that you ever knew me?!?!