QuixOtica’s Children of the Blood

If you want to see Machinima at it’s best, then seriously look no further, this girl rocks!!

Quix0tica is an awesome wow machinima god!!!!!

No seriously she is and she recently posted on her youtube channel that as Blood Elf’s have ‘such a bad name’ muwahhaaaaaa she was going to make a video just for us. Whilst Seranima is my main on Alliance, Magewraith is my Horde main and she wanted everyone to send her details of their char so she could include their name in the vid.

I sent in details of Magewraith not expecting to get a mention but low and behold, the video is out and Magewraith is mentioned at about 3.32 (don’t blink otherwise you’ll miss it)

If only I could create something half as good as what she does…one day maybe…just maybe.

So here it is

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and her channel is definately worth checking out, it’s awesome.

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