World of Warcraft Visa Card / Blizzcon 2011

Blizzard have announced that 3 lucky winners* will receive 2  tickets and $2000 in Visa Gift Cards but it appeared that there was some confusion in respect of the actual card itself (as the prize is in conjunction with their Visa card.)

Do you have to apply for a card to enter is by far the biggest question. The simple answer is no as posted by a blue;

Just fyi, you do not need to get the World of Warcraft Visa to participate. (Though you can sign up for one if you want to of course.) Just visit the official rules for all the details.

For those of you who don’t know, this card has been available for a few years now and it can be either Horde based or Alliance and they now even offer the option for you to have an exact replica of one of your characters on the card, which I think is pretty damn cool. You can find out more about the competition by clicking here.

*unfortunately you need to be resident in the USA to enter this competition. The official rules are here.

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