Diablo 3 Community Site Now Live!!

Great news to see that the community site for Diablo III is now up and running.

First impressions – Now where have I seen that layout before haha! Well using a template for something else you already have that works makes sense

Enough typing I’m off to have a damn good look around to see what people are saying. Lets see what the gossip is.

I’m leaning towards a demon hunter – looks an incredible class and it goes without saying that I would of course roll a female – ooohhh errr missus looking gooood ;)

You can visit the site here and I hope you all enjoy the experience. To interact you will of course need a battlenet account, for which you can sign up here (this link is to the european one)

So who will be parting with their hard earned cash to purchase this game?

Here’s the official release trailer for the Demon Hunter and by pure chance, yep it’s a female – woohooooo!!

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