World of Warcraft Ep #3 For Beginners

In this section I cover the user interface, well most of it. Having attempted to get this done two times before it just proved too much for one video. I feel 20 mins is too long anyways but hey, I wasn’t going to re do it 4th time.

It’s pretty much self explanatory and hopefully if you are a beginner we are now starting to get into what you want to see. For those who already play the game of course it all makes sense to you but already I’ve received some positive feedback and that it’s helped some people. Thats what these are for so I’m really pleased with that.

Oh and yes I know it’s bad of me to laugh at the noobie 1 minute in but I couldn’t help it and you can probably tell I’m really trying hard not to have a ‘full breakout.’ Im making a beginners guide so it’s not very professional, so for that I apologise.

Yes I know I miss out Druids and Shamans – sorry to those who run with them ;(

Part 2 will complete the UI and cover the chat box, the Options/Interface screen and the spellbook etc.

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